• Preoperative consultations :

    There is a fee only for the 1st preoperative consultation.

    Aesthetic surgery: €120 inclusive of tax
    Plastic surgery: from €30 to €100

  • Injections prices

    From 360€ per phial.

  • Laser treatments prices

    From 200€ per session, depending on the areas to treat.

  • Rates for aesthetic surgery

    Concern :

    The different facelifts (mini-lift, neck and face lift, forehead lift, neck lift, facelift including 2 or 4 eyelids, associated injections, dermabrasions, etc.)

    Eyelids (2 or four),

    Breast augmentation with implants, see fat grafts



    Breast ptosis, etc…

    Rhinoplasty: total, partial, tip of the nose, etc.

    Profiloplasty: genioplasty, implants, osteosynthesis.

    In the field of aesthetic surgery all charges are at the patient's expense.

    The surgeon’s fees depend on the type of intervention, its duration as well as the services provided by the clinic (hospitalisation cost + operating suite cost + anaesthesia fees).

    After the 1st consultation, the cost of treatment is specified.

    After the patient has reflected on the intervention and given his/her confirmation, he/she is given a detailed quotation indicating all the interventions and services at a subsequent consultation.

    According to the law, the patient should have a minimum of 15 days to reflect before the intervention.

  • Rates for plastic surgery

    If the surgeon thinks it is possible to receive health cover, he/she will make a request for prior approval from the health insurance programme.

    The ccam (French medical classification for clinical procedures) coding and the factors that justify cover are included in the request.

    The patient sends this request to his/her social security centre. He/she should receive an answer within 15 days.

    The decision concerning cover depends on the advising physician’s medical opinion.

    If the request for prior approval is accepted, there is some cover for hospital costs.

    The practitioner’s additional charges are at the patient's expense but can be partially or totally reimbursed by his/her private insurance.

  • Interventions that are covered

    Breast reduction : cover is almost systematic when at least 300 g (10.6 oz.) must be removed from breasts (corresponds to a decrease by 1 or 2 cup sizes) due to breast hypertrophy

    Breast reconstruction : cover is almost systematic.

    Tuberous breast correction : this is a breast malformation therefore it is covered by the health insurance programme –in case of significant malformation.

    Rhinoplasty : it is covered when there is a nasal malformation, a trauma sequela (septal deviation, etc.) or when a respiratory difficulty requires correction.

    Otoplasty : health insurance cover is almost systematic.

    Abdominoplasty : cover is possible when there is abdominal skin laxity that covers the entire pubis.

    Arm and thigh lifts : cover is possible when there is excess skin and fat after significant weight loss.

    Gynaecomastia : health insurance cover is almost systematic if there is excess glandular tissue.


    Dermatological surgery : tumours.

    Plastic surgery.

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